Abrams Creek Lodge & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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2004-2005 Campground Photos

(Pre-Official Mt. Storm, WV Campground Opening)

Wonderful cascades near a future sweat lodge
(In the Sky Spirit Knoll area)

...and deep swim holes abound - bring your goggles
(Snorkeler's Cove: 4-5 ft. deep)

A summer bon-fire along a stream
(The Community Bon-Fire)

Moss covered boulders in a hemlock forest
Private boulder surrounded campsites abound.

Some beautiful cascades
(The Roman Bath)

Friends enjoying natures jacuzzi jets
(The Big Dipper Pool in SkySpirit Knoll area)

...and share in a community bon-fire or build your own
(The Community Bon-Fire)

A bit of evening fire staff (baton)
when spinning rapidly, quite magical at night.

...and a couple contemplating a swim
in the deeper waters of Beaver Chasm.

Floating in some deeper waters.

...and man and dog enjoying some rapids.

A couple of guys enjoying some cascades
(The Roman Bath area)

A bit of evening music
(Community Bon-Fire)

Roasting marshmallows for smores

Some stream-side fireworks)


A very different Abram's Creek

Nice place for a tent and hammock
(Campsite #19)

and some botanical beauty
summer flowers

A friend in nature

More friends enjoying the falls

A 5-6 person rubber monster inner-tube

...and snorkeling in deeper waters

More great places to have a cup of tea
(The Turkish Bath)

...or hang out with some friends
(Hemlock Forest Way meets stream -- road terminus point)

Tipi #1 -- smoke flap poles in the back.

Trail leading from Tipi #1 to community fire circle.

Tipi #1 when it was just a frame

Tipi #2 awaiting painting
located above Alpenglow Hollow

...and another view of the deeper (7-8')
and shallow portions of Beaver Chasm.

The shallow fork in the creek
goes around Evergreen Island

The same fork in the stream rejoins Mother Creek
named the Turkish Bath

A beautiful campsite

Downstream swimholes (a natural dam)

More Fire Staff antics

...and crazy shapes from rapid coordinated movements

Snorkeling in some pools
(Near Snorkeler's Cove)

...and a happy camper enjoying a beautiful waterfall
(Dream Catcher Falls)

Mushrooms, Funguses, and Lichens

...and delicate life among the leaves

Some strong massaging rapids (hold tight!)

Family fun abounds

A waterfall with very good flow
(Dream Catcher Falls)

...and full body massage by mother nature
(Caught your dreams yet?)

More snorkeling
(Beaver Chasm area)

...and a popular workshop
(held by the Community Bon-Fire)

Thanks, your contributions / fees at Abram's Creek Retreat and Campground will go
directly towards improvements to the land and facilities which will include:

God's beauty never ceases

...and knows no boundaries

Heading home after a long journey.
In loving memory of Vince's father.

Peace be with you, always,
and in all ways.