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Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Abram's Creek Lodge House

Rules and Guidelines

Lodge House Check In / Check Out: Check-In time starts at 3:00pm and ends at 11:00pm daily (no later!). Plan accordingly.. Check-Out time is by 2:00pm daily.

Please remove shoes upon entering the Lodge House: Please do not wear shoes in the house at any time (other than quiet, clean house slippers). This helps to reduce noise and to keep the house clean.

Quiet Hours: Lodge House quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am daily. Please be respectful.

No Smoking / No Drugs / No Pets / Alcohol in Moderation: The Lodge House is smoke free, drug free, and pet free. Alcohol is allowed in moderation. Smoking is allowed on front and back porch areas. Do not throw cigarette butts onto the ground. Place butts in pockets or cigarette disposal cans on porches.

No sleeping on floors or couches: All guests in the Lodge must sleep in beds.

Lodge House Access / Use: The Lodge House and it's facilities (showers, toilets, kitchen, etc.) are for paid and registered guests of the Lodge House only. For safety and for security of guests personal possessions and of Lodge House contents, as well as damage to walls, carpets and furniture, only registered guests of the Lodge House may use the Lodge House and it's facilities unless a specific, pre-arranged workshop of limited size and duration (hours) is being held inside of the Lodge House. Even then, due to septic field limitations, guests attending in-house workshops who are not registered guests of the Lodge House are asked to use outdoor toilet facilities and showers as well as to use outdoor kitchen facilities and their own method of refrigeration or ice chests for cold food storage. There is NOT an open door policy for the lodge house - campsite, tipi, and cabin guests may NOT enter the Lodge House without specific permission from lodge house / campground management.

Prepare Bedding in Advance in Dorm / Shared Rooms: Please prepare your sleeping area during daylight hours so as not to disturb sleeping guests late at night.

Supervision of Children: Children must be supervised at all times and adhere to ALL of these rules and guidelines. Parents, please control your children, especially in the early morning and later evening hours when people are relaxing and trying to sleep.

Use of TV's, Internet, and Telephone: Lodge House satellite TV rooms / Internet terminals / and telephone are for paying and registered guests of the Lodge House only. A wi-fi network and electric outlets exist and are available from the Lodge House front porch for campground laptop users. Telephone use should be limited to short calls (5 to 10 minutes max.) on the guest line only (business line labeled) -- long distance is free.

Children, ages 6 and above, pay full price for Lodging: Children ages 6 and above must pay full price for Lodge accommodations and are entitled to their own bed. Children 5 years old and younger are charged half price and must sleep in the same bed as their parent or guardian.

Clean up after yourself: Please clean up any mess that you might make, particularly in the kitchen. This includes washing all of your dishes/ pots/ pans and wiping down your food prep. areas.

No food or oil down sink drain: The house is on septic and has no kitchen garbage disposal. Please empty food contents and oils into trash before rinsing or washing dishes / pots / pans.

No bleach or harsh chemicals down drain: The house is still on septic, therefore placing any bleach and/ or harsh chemicals down the sink or shower drains destroy the bacterial / enzyme decay process in the septic holding tank.

Furniture Movement / Wall Decor: Please do not take any pictures or wall hangings off of our walls or put anything on our walls with tacks or nails or any other adhesive that may damage our paint. Moving furniture in a very limited way is okay, but generally speaking, the house must be used as is unless special exception is sought by permission from the Lodge House manager (generally given to large group/event rentals).

Laundry: Laundry is available to all guests of the Lodge House for $3.00 per load -- wash and dry. This cost covers use of our environmentally friendly laundry detergents. Please do not use your own and do not ever use bleach or products that contain bleach as we are on septic.

Owner / Caretaker On-Site: The owner of the facility and the Lodge House Caretaker both have private rooms in the Lodge House and are on-site at all times.

Do not overstuff toilets: Please be mindful what you put down our toilets, some pipes in the home may clog if too much toilet paper is stuffed into a toilet at once. If you must, please flush twice being conscious of how much tissue paper you put in each flush. No sanitary napkins, paper towels, chewing gum, food, or other non-human waste into toilets please.

All mattresses must be covered with a fitted sheet: If one is missing, please ask Lodge House management for a clean fitted sheet.

We Recycle: The Abramís Creek Lodge House recycles plastics, metals, paper, and glass. Recycling containers are located in the washer/ dryer area off of the main floor kitchen and in the finished basement area outside of the bathrooms. Please help us to recycle and to limit our trash.

Illegal Drug Use at the Abramís Creek Lodge House
will result in expulsion from the facility.