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2012 Weekend Agenda for Sweat Lodge (Inipi)

(In Native American Style and Tradition)

Location: Meet at the Sweat Lodge between Campsites #5 and #6 in Sector I.
First Timer's: Arrive 30 minutes early to learn about native American style Sweat Lodge, Ceremony, and Ritual.

Fees: $20 donation to Lodge Facilitators (under 18, $10 donation). Cash, or Check in advance please.
Reservations / Payments / More Info: Contact Facilitator(s) - see phone #'s in table below.

Sweat Lodge:
Email sweatlodge@abramscreek.com for info.

Contact info for our past facilitators:
Elly: 304-288-0777 / 304-457-3041 sweatlodge@abramscreek.com/ sweatlodge@abramscreek.com
Manin: sweatlodge@abramscreek.com
Beverly: (703) 401-9663 mobile / (703) 476-5483 home / sweatlodge@abramscreek.com
Rick Shawnee - sweatlodge@abramscreek.com

Private / Special Event Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

are available for a $150 Donation to the Lodge Facilitator

Temperatures get quite hot inside of the Lodge during ceremony and increase during each of 4 rounds as 7 - 10 more heated stones are brought in each round, totally 28 to 40 by round 4. At times, steam is created by pouring water over the hot stones. Fire and Water elements will be very present during the several hour ceremony.

As temperatures rise, people sometimes lose their clothing during the Sweat Lodge ceremony or sometimes people wear only a loose towel or sarong into the lodge. Bring a towel or mat if you need something between you and the cool, damp earth in the lodge.

For more information on upcoming Lodge Ceremonies:
Please call 304-446-5383 or E-Mail Us

Abram's Creek Sweat Lodge Info -- click here -- to see lots of photos of previous lodge's held at Abram's Creek.
If you have never attended at Sweat Lodge before, read the article below:

A Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony
For a wonderful recount of a Sweat Lodge experience in Northern Mexico,
click here
This article by Kim Kroonenburg describes a personal Temescal or sweat lodge experience in Northern Mexico.

A mineral wheel by Manin
copyright: www.veinsofsilver.org

Drum Circle and Bon-Fire:
Saturday evening stream-side bon-fire at the Lodge House Bon-Fire circle with Native American, and sometimes African, drum rhythms (bring a drum or any other instrument). The Lodge House Bon-Fire circle is a short walk along campground roads illuminated by outdoor torches. There is also a small stream-side communal fire pit at the Sweat Lodge where observers may listen and watch the sweat lodge event unfold.