Abrams Creek Lodge & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Some Favorite Campground Photos

Walden's Pond area in Fall.

Lodge House backyard stream.

Lodge House backyard bon-fire.

A great Fall view of cabin #1.

A stream-side hiking trail.

A roadside view down the mountain.

Kayaking in back of the Lodge House.

Mt. Storm Lake boat launch dock.

Fishing for rainbow trout & brookies.

Backside bench at the lodge house.

Fall colors along the creek

Many shades of fall reds

Exploring a pool -- blue lagoon.

Saddle Mountain -- view 5 miles nearby

Magnificent mushrooms

Jack-o-lanterns by the cluster

Mt. Storm Lake kayakers

Stream-side massage therapy canopy

Fire staff (baton) spinning

A ray of light at a campsite

More fall foliage along the creek

Lodge House in winter

A newt on moss

Hammock for a lazy day

Fall shelf fungus

Beaver Chasm area

Cabin #1 in Fall

Beaver Chasm area

Dream Catcher Falls

Campground road in Fall

Rapids and cairns

Boulders and Greenery

Camping near Community Bon-Fire area

Roman Bath viewed from Comm. Bon-Fire area

Lodge House backyard bon-fire pit

Backside of the Lodge House as seen from the Creek

Late summer fungi

A butterfly and flowers

Tubing adventures

and still water escapades

Beaver Chasm up close (6-7' feet deep)

Snorkler's Cove area

Kayaking the low water Class I rapids

Oops, fell out

Spring time ferns abound

The Abram's Creek River Valley from Rt. 50

Cabin #2 in winter

Hemlock Tree cones

A tranquil Community Bon-Fire area

A sacred tree at the Sweat Lodge

A mossy shoreline

Big Dipper Pool (4' deep)

Saddle Mountain off Rt. 50
as seen just a few miles from Camp

Near Saddle Mountain
en-route to Keyser

Abram's Creek as seen
from the Lodge House back porch

Abram's Creek as seen
from the Lodge House Master bedroom

Rt. 50 very nearby

Zoom-in on the lonely Hemlock Giant

The Community Bon-Fire area, quiet

The same, with a roaring fire

N. Branch of Potomac (Schell Rd.)
5 miles away (See Amazing Places Nearby)

Laurel Run
5 miles away (See Amazing Places Nearby)

More fungi

A road from Lodge House to Campground

Beaver Chasm area

A lone fisherman

A bit of fire spinning

More carefully balanced cairns

Winter stillness

Backside of the Lodge House as seen from the Creek

Sweat Lodge fires burning

A Sweat Lodge side workshop about to begin

En-route to Abram's Creek
via Rt. 55

Down the mountain
via Rt. 50

Some high waters

A meadow after heavy Spring rains

Winter at Abram's Creek

Cold waters, quiet land

Oceans of clouds

Rt. 50 down the mountain

Dream Catcher Falls

The same at low water

End of Campground property

Low summer waters

A Kids adventure group having fun

Tip toeing throughout the water

Winter wonderland

and icy waters

High elevation flowers

Campground road in Fall

N. Branch Potomac River (Schell Rd.)
5 miles away (see Amazing Places Nearby)

Dream Catcher Falls

En-Route to Abram's Creek along Rt. 55

Buddha's observation area

Rafting on Walden's Pond

Our Sweat Lodge facilitators

And a very popular Sweat Lodge event

Snorkeler's Cove area

Campfire for cabin #1

A really big boulder

End of campground area

Beautiful fungi

Swamp or Skunk cabbage

More of those Class I low water rapids

Navigating the low water rocks

More Fall foliage

Rt. 50 nearby

The Lodge House

Pretty in Red

A spring time stroll

Indigenous Energies

A great place to nap

More fungi

Soothing waters, calm mind

Turbulent waters, but fun

Tipi for Four?

Big Dipper Pool

A big Adventure Group

An entire small school

A small waterfall

More Fall foliage

Fall saying good-bye

A closer examination

Most times, big water

Always a peaceful refuge

Come and stay with us sometime