Abrams Creek Retreat & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Creatures, Flowers, & Botany of Abrams Creek

Some creatures that could live in an Allegheny Stream include: bull frog, eastern painted turtle, minnows and carp, river chub, northern hogsucker, spot fin shiner (5" large minnow seen in Abrams Creek), creek chub, rosyside dace, tessalated darter, mottled sculpin, blacknose dace, rosy face shiner,...

Click here for dozens of additional photos of summer indigenous plants,
mushrooms, and fungi at Abrams Creek

Eastern Hemlock Tree cones (P1)

Joe Pye Weed in summer - tall purplish flower (P2)

Mama or Papa Beaver at Beaver Chasm (p3)

...and their eating habits (downstream) (P4)

An Eastern Milk Snake (P5)
known to rattle it's tale in mimicry (harmless)

A Luna Moth (P6)
with a big white furry body

** Snakes of West Virginia -- click here **

A cecropia moth at the Liberty Gas Station (P7)

Baby birds in a nest on a rock (P8)

Soon to be purple Field Thistles (Teasel) (P9)

Butterflies on Common Milkweed flowers (P10)

A Jack-in-the-Pulpit or Indian Turnip (P11)

A salamander / newt of some type (P12)

Daisy family (P13)

Dame's Rocket (phlox) -- member of the mustard family (P15).

Dame's Rocket -- up close (P16).

Mountain Laurel -- white / pinkish flower
(the plant and branches are poisonous) (P18)

A view up close of Mountain Laurel
(branches should not be used for cooking over fire) (P19)

A white tailed deer visiting one morning (P20)

Giant Rhododendron (P21) blooming in June
after May blooms of Mountain Laurel
Plant in foreground is Witch Hazel

Rhododendron (P22) are more Pinkish than white
differing from their cousins, the Mountain Laurel
Rhodie's bloom here in June, M.L. in May

A Luna Moth outside of cabin #1 (P23)

We decided to invite her in for tea (P24)

Bluets of early May (P25)

Bluets (Quaker Ladies) up close (P26)

Gorgeous Crimson Bee Balm or Oswego Tea (P27)

Up close Oswego Tea (made from leaf) (P28)

Common Crayfish? (P29)
(lives in mud mounded holes in the dirt road)

Red Eft salamander - comes out after rains (P30)
Very friendly and not startled -- please don't harm

** Salamanders of West Virginia -- click here **

Another image of stream crayfish (P31)

stream crayfish (P32)

Trillium berry in the fall - poisonous (P33)

Painted Trillium in Early May (P34)

Teaberry (Wintergreen) in early Spring (P35)

More Teaberry -- very tasty (P36)

and still more Teaberry (P37)

Tussilago farfara, also known as coltsfoot (P38)

Coltsfoot (P39)

Forest Loutwort (wood betony) -- fern-like (P40)

Quaker Ladies (Bluets) also Innocence (P41)

Spider Web in grass (P42)

Red Eft Salamander (P43)

Summer flowering shrub and ferns (P44)

Three-Lobed Violets in early May (P46)

Young tree growth in early May (P47)

Northern Slimy Salamander (White Spotted Slimy Salamander)
living under a rock (P48)

More of our cute slimy friend
similar to cow knob salamander (P49)

Delicate purple flowers (P50)

Service Berry spring blooms -- also called Shad Blow (P51)

Dwarf Cinquefoil? (buttercup family) in early May (P52)

Hay scented ferns in early May (P53)

Chicory (P54)

Canadian Thistle? (P55)

Eastern Red-Backed Salamander? (P56)

A Decay Snake up close and personal (P57)

Common Mullein? (Woolly Mullein?) (P58)

Milkwort somewhat like a clover / rose combo. (P59)

Star Chickweed? (P60)

False Hellebore in early May (P61)

Wood Anenome - Symmetry in early May (P62)

Tadpole sacks in a small bog (P64)

More tadpoles waiting to become frogs (P65)

three-Lobed Violets in early May (P66)

more Three-Lobed Violets in early May (P67)

Beautiful stream side loutwort (not ferns) in May (P68)

and more loutwort - gets a magnificent flower (P69)

Ramps (P70)

and more Ramps, up close (P71)

Phlox (P72)

Jewelweed - Spotted Touch-Me-Not (P73)

Lichens alive (P74)

Eastern Garter Snake (P75)

Phlox (P76)

Teasle (P77)

Red summer Cardinal Flowers (?) (P78)

Yellow (P79)

Hellibore / False Hellibore? (P80)

Same (P81)

Spring run-off meadow (P82)

Cascading to Abram's Creek (P83)

Large Leafed Goldenrod or Mustard? (P84)

Panax Trifolia, or Dwarf Ginseng. (P85)

Wild Geranium in early May (P86)

Tubular flower of some type (P87)

Hay scented ferns -- lots of them (P88)