Abrams Creek Lodge & Campground

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Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Mushrooms, Mosses, Fungi, and Lichens
of Abram's Creek

Help in Identifying Mushrooms and Fungi from a friend...
A great deal of help in identifying these mushrooms came from Buddy Kilpatrick.

Buddy has been studying, picking, and eating wild edible mushrooms and plants for about 20 years. He was president of the Mycological Association of Washington in 2003 and was its newsletter editor for a number of years. Buddy has also taught adult education courses in mushroom foraging at Chautauqua Institution and Arlington County, VA Adult Education.  He has presented workshops on mushroom foraging and medicinal mushrooms at a number of Pagan events, including the Starwood Festival and Virginia Pagan Pride Day. Buddy has been a gardener for over 30 years and grows a variety of interesting herbs and plants.  He has a PhD in public policy from George Mason University, and in real life is an economic policy consultant and adjunct professor of policy.

Visit Buddy's Eat More Toadstools website, which is primarily dedicated to such subjects as wild, cultivated, edible and medicinal fungi and plants.

Orange British Soldiers fungus clinging to a rock (M1)

Turkey Tail Wood fungus on a stump (M2)

Another wood fungus (M3)

A Jack O-Lantern wood fungus? (M4)
Fairly large.

A Ganoderma fungus -- either lucidum or tsugae.
Other name is reishi, or ling zhi (M5)

Woodsy Folks / Stumpies Mushrooms
(also called honey mushrooms ?) (M6)

More of the same (M7)
a bit closer

American Caesar's Mushroom (Amanita caesaris)(M8)

Caesar's mushroom, a few days later. (M9)

Brown Coral fungus, a tentacled wood fungus (M10)

A beautiful Ganoderma fungus at Beaver Chasm (M11)

Purple Cort mushroom (M12)

Pine Suillus (red) mushroom (M13)

Mushrooms and Lichens (M14)

Indian Pipe or Corpse Plant (M15)

Fetid False Coral (M16)

Crested Coral (white) (M17)

tall stem Boletus with fungus (Boletus russellii?) (M18)

Hemlock Polypore (Hemlock Varnish Shelf) (M19)

Jack-O-Lanterns (M20)

More Jack-O-Lanterns (M21)

Russula mushrooms (M22)

Yellow Antler Coral (M23)

Reishi (Ganoderma) Wood fungus (M24)

A very large mushroom (M25)

Same, different angle (M26)

Morel Indicator (M27)

Giant Polypore (Meripilus giganteus) (M30)

More of the same (M31)

Witches Butter (M32)

Dryads's Saddle? (M33)

Puffballs (M34)

more puffballs (M35)

Lactarius (probably L. volemus) (M36)

Old Man of the Woods (Strobilomyces genus) (M37)

Yellow Antler Coral (M38)

Moss or plant (M39)

Squaw Root also called Cancer Root (M40)

Fresh Jack-O-Lantern (M41)

The Buddha contemplating time (M42)

Ferns, a tree stump and ever present moss (M43).

Little Brown mushrooms (M44)

Turkey Tail (M45)

Amanita (possibly muscaria) (M46)

Amanita (M47)

Thick mosses down by the stream (M49)

A moss and fern garden just above main fire circle (M50)

Scaley vase chanterelle (Gomphus floccosus) (M51)

More of the same (M52)

More Reishi (M53)

and more reishi (M54)

A rotting Sulphur Shelf (M55)

Ferns (M56)

Check Moss shrooms (M57)

Check Moss shrooms (M58)

More check moss shrooms? (M59)

Amanita (M60)


Jack-O-Lantern (M62)

A hike downstream reveals large boulders (M63)

...and the lush greens of springtime (M64)

Yellow Antler Coral (M65)

Moss / Lichens (M66)

Amanita possibly virosa (M66)

Little brown mushrooms (M67)

Amanita? (M68)


Boulders and mosses near Tipi #1 (M70)

Rock Stairs on main road approaching cabin #1 (M71)


Amanita (M73)

Coral Fungus (M74)

Small white mushrooms (M75)

Bitter Bolete (Tylopilus felleus) (M76)

more Reishi(M77)

Amanita (M78)


Crested Coral fungus (white) (M80)

Giant Polypore (Meripilus giganteus) (M81)

Hollow Chanterelle (M82)

Boletes (M83)

Amanita (M84)

White Slime Mold (M85)

Dog Vomit Slime Mold (M86)

Orange Coral Fungus (M87)

Bolete (maybe related to Boletus edulus (cepe) (M88)

Same (M89)

Amanita (M90)

Hygrophurus? (M91)

Yellow Amanita (M92)

Amanita - citrina or verosa? (M93)

Chanterelles (probably Cantharellus cibarius) (M94)

Old Puffballs (M95)

Elegant Stinkhorn (M96)

Bolete (edible, maybe Leccinum) (M97)

Straight Branched Coral Fungus (M98)

Bitter white Lactarius? (M99)

Bolete (possibly Gyroporus cyanescens) (M100)

Boletes? (M101)

Hollow Chanterelle? (M102)

Same (M103)

Rock formations not far from Cabin #1 (M104)

The power of high water and tree roots (M105)

Little white Boletes (M106)

Yellow Fall Bolete - large (M107)

Fungus on fungus -- probably Bolete (M108)

edible Amanita (M109)

Yellow Bolete (M110)

Edible Amanita (M111)

Mother Nature is such a good artist (M112)

She paints mosses on just about anything (M113)

Old Man of the Woods (Strobilomyces genus) (M114)

Same (M115)

Amanita (M116)

Amanita (M117)

Amanita (M118)

Amanita (M119)

More Jack-O-Lanterns (M120)

Little brown mushrooms (M121)

More Jack-O-Lanterns (M122)

More Jack-O-Lanterns (M123)

A beautiful tree root surrounded by Moss (M124).

Wood fungus (Turkey Tail?) clinging to a stump (M125)

Moss (M126)

Russula? (M127)

Moss / Lichens (M128)

Chestnut Bolete (Gyroporus castaneus) (M129)

Mold (M130)

Yellow Antler Coral (M131)