Abram's Creek Lodge & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Camping Supplies List

Everything that you need for a great camping adventure

Bare Necessities
Tent and tent stakes
Sleeping bag or blankets and pillow
Mattress pad or foam pad for tent floor
Tarp in case it rains & twine to tie up
Warm clothing for cool evenings
Lantern(s) - propane canisters or lamp oil
Flashlight and spare batteries
Trash bags
Fire logs or fire starters to start fires
Tooth paste / toothbrush / environ. friendly soap - shampoo
Cooler / ice
Food - non-perishable
Water shoes for stream walking (old tennis shoes best)
Bathing suit or comfortable water shorts
Insect repellant

Useful Items (optional)
Can opener
Sharp knife
folding table
folding chairs
Candles (votive and citronella)
Zip lock bags

Fun (optional)
Camera / batteries
Musical instruments to play
Floatation device - inner tube or inflatable raft
goggles or a snorkel

For Cooking
1-pound propane canister to fuel our cookstoves (in cabins)
Fire safe skillet
Cooking pot/pan
Method to boil water (coffee / tea / hot soups)
Marshmallow / hot-dog skewers
Hot pads
paper plates

For preparing land:
Work gloves
Tools - shovel / rake
Saw for cutting fallen tree branches to burn
axe / hatchet

Camping Food Ideas
Fruits & veggies
Bottled water
Juices / drinks
Butter / Pam or oil for cooking
Pita and hummus
Pancake mix / syrup
Baked beans
canned or pre-packaged food in general
Salt / pepper
Hot sauce
Canned Salmon or Tuna
Boxed soups / cereals
Canned chili
Cans of evaporated milk
S'mores items
Indian pre-packaged dinners (non-frozen)

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