Abram's Creek Retreat & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins, Cottage, Tipis & Guest House
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Campsite Descriptions

Waterfront, Waterview, RV or Trailer accessible,Private, Large, and Favorite Campsites

  • All campsites are reservable or first come, first served -- arrive early for best selection, check at Lodge
    to find out
    which sites are already reserved before setting up on a site!
  • Each campsite is all inclusive for up to 4 people; additional people cost $5/night per person (plus tax).
    Children 6-12 are half price; children under 6 are free.
  • Pets okay at all campsites, cabins, and tipi's. Barking dogs during Quiet Hours (10:00pm - 8:00am) are not okay.
  • Campground Check-In Time: Sites will be available to occupy no later than 3:00pm. You may
    check in anytime up to 10:00 pm, or later if you call ahead and make arrangements.
  • Check-Out Time: Campsites must be cleaned and empty no later than 12:00 noon.
  • Firewood $5/bucket at Lodge.
  • Please pick-up / carry out all trash and place in our trash dumpster at the lodge house.
  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • No generators allowed in the campground.
  • No RV's over 25 feet (pop-up's, small pull trailers and pull boat trailers okay)
  • Wi-fi network available from front porch of lodge house near check-in / registration area as well as power outlets.
  • If moved, please return fire pit benches and picnic tables to their proper locations. Thanks.
  • Please read all Campground Cautions andRequests -- Cautions
  • The campground Shower House is located just to the right of the Lodge House in the red cargo building.

    3 days cancellation notice required for refund on prepaid reservations.

    Advance Campsite Reservation Policy:
    Specific site reservations MUST be made at least 4 days in advance to be guaranteed the site choice(s).
    Reservations made closer to the arrival date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to change.
  • Advance Reserved sites will be listed at the Lodge; ask staff for current list.
    Non-reserved sites are open to walk-in customers.
  • Prepaid customers with advance reservations wishing to change sites must contact staff
    (see phone # and email at bottom of page) at least 4 days before the arrival
    date, or receive permission from staff in person once at the campground.

  • Staff reserves the right to deny change requests to reservations..


There are up to 8 categories that may describe any one campsite:

(RV) Small RV / Pop-Up accessible -- pull in your small RV or pop-up or boat trailer (most in III)

(NC) No Car Access -- must park and walk from main road or side road

(LG) Large -- larger than most, good for groups

(PRV) Most Private -- most hidden or secluded

(WF) Water Front -- waterfront site

(WV) Water View -- close to creek

(FAV) Favorite -- one of campground management's favorite sites

(NP) Near Potties -- very short walk to camp port-o-potties.


Campsite Amenities Chart
Hover on site number link for quick description, click for pictures.
Missing site numbers were replaced by cabins.










Sector 1: (first 1/3rd of campground: accessible from bottom of overflow parking hill along secondary road)
Located closest to the Lodge House & Shower House. It tends to be more solitary and recently had major road and parking improvements (hundreds of thousands of pounds of shale / gravel added). Some great waterfront and non waterfront sites. Enjoy.

  Site #1






  Site #2





  Site #3







  Site #4






  Site #5








  Site #6








  Site #7




  Site #8







  Site #9






  Site #10








  Site #11







  Site #12





  Site #13




  Site #14







Sector II: (second 1/3rd of campground: accessible from main road and includes some non-vehicle accessible sites -- park in spaces off of main road)
This sector includes mostly watefront/waterview campsites. It also includes the Community Bon-Fire area and the Tipis. Many of its sites require parking on the main road and a short hike down the hillside to the creekside flats. Well worth it.

  Site #15




  Site #16







  Site #17







  Site #18






  Site #19





  Site #20







  Site #21






  Site #23








  Site #24






  Site #25








Sector III:(last 1/3rd of campground: accessible from main and loop road)
This sector  is the most easily car accessible & the most popular. It has a wide variety of water front & waterview sites, many of which can park multiple vehicles. Some sites are quite large, & some quite private. Great water features.

  Site #27




  Site #28






  Site #29







  Site #30







  Site #31






  Site #32








  Site #33






  Site #34






  Site #35







  Site #36






  Site #37







  Site #40

















Campground Registration / Self-Check-In On-Site:
at the Registration / Payment / Information Kiosk located on the front porch of the Lodge House.
Please register and pay (if not pre-paid) after choosing a campsite or upon arrival, and sign Liability Waiver (click here).
All campers must be sure to write which site they will occupy on their waiver so we have proper accounting.
Blank Liability Waiver forms available in the mailbox on Kiosk post and
payments and signed forms are dropped into secure mailbox on Kiosk post.

Firewood available for $5.00 per bucket at lodge. --
please give payment to a staff member, or deposit into secure mailbox on Registration Kiosk.

** Do not cut live trees or tree limbs **

Cash or Check only for self check-in. No change available.
Debit/Credit available with staff check-in.
Security Check of all sites / payments / signed forms nightly.
Contact on-site staff for question and further help: 304-446-5383 / RSVP Email

Check-In / Registration at the Lodge House
Located on Front Porch -- Self Check-In

The Check-In Kiosk for the Campground

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