Abram's Creek Retreat & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Caretaker Role - Job Description

Caring for the Lodge House / Bed and Breakfast, Cottage, Cabin and Campground Guests and Properties

Interested persons may contact Michael at 703-755-0607, or emailacchr@abramscreek.com.

Abrams Creek Retreat and Campground

  • We offer 20 acres of wild whitewater stream, deep forest, open meadow, tent sites, tipis, 10 rustic cabins, a 2-bedroom cottage, and a 6-bedroom lodge house with a commercial kitchen, Our campsites set into the forest, designed to facilitate a true experience of nature.
  • As an affordable retreat and campground, we are in a position to offer excellent prices to individuals, and to attract groups that otherwise might not be able to afford putting on an event.We are particularly interested in drawing groups that focus on promoting environmental responsibility, social justice, and personal freedom.
  • As an organization, we are committed to environmentally sound systems and structures using permaculture principles wherever practical.We are at the beginning stages of this, and we welcome people with the insights and energy to help us move closer to this ideal, while recognizing that economics and other pragmatic considerations may limit how fast we can move in this direction.
  • We also have a small motel 3 miles to the west.We have two caretakers there as well; by cooperating with each other, everyone benefits from skill-sharing, flexible staffing, and mutual support.



Lodge House Caretaker -- Skills Desired:

  • Independent, self-reliant person who is kind yet assertive enough to be in charge
  • Ability to work independently and in groups
  • Has a general passion in keeping a home clean and beautiful for guests.
  • We are not able to accommodate children or pets.
  • Has good communication-social skills
  • Can answer phones and return or pass on phone messages as well as check missed calls and return them promptly.
  • Mechanical skills a plus (handy if something needs to be fixed or repaired, but not required)
  • A love for wilderness/ nature,
  • Eco-conscious / eco-minded, environmentally friendly & aware
  • Healthy life-style a plus
  • Non-drinker, no tobacco use for at least the last 5 years.
  • Current valid driver’s license in good standing is required; preferably, have your own vehicle.
  • Prefer someone who goes to bed at a reasonable hour and rises relatively early (i.e. rises by 8:00am). Late night personalities may be inconsistent with our Lodge House Quiet Hours and Guest / Tenant sleep schedules
  • Knowledge of first aid / CPR a plus


This individual will be one of two caretakers living full time at the Lodge House, 7 days a week.This position is designed to provide a basic living as well as flexible time off.However, your presence during busy Lodge House / Campground weekends and events are a big plus and greatly appreciated, as this individual can assist in maintaining order and to provide guidance to guests.The caretaker registers and assists guests in getting them settled into their respective rooms and performs regular house cleaning duties, as well as administering general guidance to campers / cabin renters and basic campsite cleaning after busy weekends.

Caretaker should be present (along with owner) to receive/ assist guests during busy high season weekend check-in hours, to answer phones, keep the house clean, to wash bedding after guests leave and in general keep the place beautiful (guests are expected to clean up after themselves in the kitchen). This is an ongoing position; we prefer someone who will be with us at least a year, but will consider other arrangements as well.

In exchange for their duties as a Caretaker of the Lodge, this Caretaker will receive:

  • Free lodging and use of Lodge House and all of its amenities when not in use by guests.
  • Natural and organic food provided.
  • Access to all events and happenings at the Lodge and Campground
  • Free utilities including:
  • Unlimited long distance phone service (2 lines)
  • Free high speed satellite internet use
  • Free computer use
  • Free electric / heat / utilities
  • Free use of washer / dryer
  • Free use of a well stocked and equipped kitchen
  • Free satellite TV
  • All normal supplies except personal toiletries.
  • We do *not* supply your transportation or transportation costs.The campground vehicles are for use only on our properties, unless specifically authorized for a special use.

The caretakers’ bedrooms are located on the ground floor.There are two bathrooms nearby on that level. Each caretaker's bedroom has a queen bed, telephone, basic furnishings, and is clean and well maintained. There are four bedrooms on the ground floor level, including a dormitory style room for guests, two bedrooms for the two caretakers, and a small sleeping room for the owner.

What we would like in exchange for all of the above:

  • A person who lives in the home and cares for the home as if it were their own, keeping up its appearance and helping to keep its guests happy. Your presence provides support, continuity, and security to this rural retreat.
  • You are the face of this business -- do your best to sell the place (cabin rental, campsites, lodge house room, etc.) to whomever is on the phone or on the front porch.
  • Basic lawn maintenance.
  • Keeping the house, cottage, cabins and tent sites neat and orderly, including performing a list of weekly and monthly cleaning chores as needed -- vacuuming / mopping / cleaning bathrooms as needed...
  • Answering the phone and taking messages or passing on owner’s number for more detailed information regarding lodging / camping/ retreats.
  • Being available for scheduled maintenance appointments and contractors. You would need to let them in and generally supervise if needed during their work.
  • Overseeing new monthly rental tenants and their minimal needs.
  • Collecting money from weekly / monthly tenants and any guests that may stay at the lodge house, cottage, cabins or tent sites. This will include using the online booking system and processing credit cards.
  • Sleep schedule must be consistent with business hours.
  • As this is a hospitality business, pride should be taken in keeping the household neat and clean
  • Need someone who can enforce our House Rules to our guests, our own staff members, and lives by them themselves. Quiet Hours and the No Shoes policy are especially important to enforce for all guests and tenants peace and serenity.
  • The base number of hours required for this caretaker position is 21 hours per week, in exchange for meals and lodging.Additional work is available for pay, or you may choose to work outside the campground, run your own business (with our support and encouragement), or just live very simply so that you can pursue your personal interests.
  • Write daily reports so that we can all stay in touch with each other.

Other Caretaker Responsibilities:

  • Check mail each day; place mail into mail slots in kitchen
  • Oversee the general order of the property as a whole, and of the lodge house, cottage, cabins and tent sites.
  • If kitchen or other trash cans get noticeably dirty, please wipe down
  • If noticeable smudges appear on a door or near a door knob or light switch, please wipe down periodically
  • Change out recycling bags if they get fullboth in basement and in laundry room area -- put full into garage
  • Place all full trash bags into outside dumpster
  • Note: Please check periodically, that basement lights and heaters are not on / running after tenants leave for the day. Also, ask tenants not to run basement bedroom electric heaters much higher than the specified temperatures in order to control electricity costs.
  • Note: Please do not disturb tenants in basement after 9/9:30pm at night as they often need to go to bed to wake by 5am. Do enforce Quiet Hours among them and basement TV off by 10pm.

Financial Compensation:

  • Frequent work opportunities will arise both at the Lodge House and at the campground where additional monies can be made on a regular basis at $10/hour.
  • If you are a skilled handyman, and have a vehicle, you are free to take on jobs / work in the community, esp. during the morning and afternoon hours.
  • If you possess marketable workshop type skills (for example: yoga instructor, artist, etc.) you are free to market (with our help) workshops throughout the year where you keep the monies made.
  • The position does not include health care or vision or dental coverage.We can help you to select individual plans that are affordable.
  • There are only a couple of slow months typically during the whole year, and as time passes, we are working on filling those time periods with workshops and events that utilize whole lodge house rentals.

Lessons learned from past Caretakers

  1. Caretaker should keep a neat and clean appearance, and wear clothes appropriate for running a tenant / guest house that will include guests from all walks of life.
  2. Please do not set the whole house thermostat beyond the specified temperature.It takes an enormous amount of energy to raise a 4,000 square foot house even 1 degree.
  3. Be extremely courteous and helpful to potential guests on the phone and in person. Frequently, people are considering several locations for their vacation and it is up to us to sell them on ours – usually we will get only one chance.
  4. Please be very conscientious about our tenants Quiet / Sleep Hours, particularly Sunday night through Thursday night. Our tenants are frequently are in bed by 9/10pm to be up by 5am. Loud TVs, noisy foot stomping, excessive noise on kitchen floor or any stair case, reverberates downstairs.
  5. Please do enforce all House Rules with tenants, as well as any overnight guests in the house. Also, we must abide by the same rules that we enforce as well.
  6. Please do enforce the “No Shoes rule in the lodge house. This really helps to minimize cleaning efforts and reduces noise on hard floors.
  7. Most guests visit between Friday night and Sunday. Cleaning chores, after the weekend guests depart, can be spread out over 4-5 days so as to balance the work over several days and to allow a good job at caring for the house.
  8. Absolutely no pets in the Lodge House or Retreat Cottage. Not guests pets, not our own. Dogs, but not cats, may stay in the cabins or at tent sites.Dogs must be on a leash at all times outside of the cabins.
  9. The basement is an equally important area of the house to keep clean (vacuuming / dusting / monthly floor mopping / keeping bathrooms clean and trash/ recycling bins emptied). Our tenants are a big part of our financial livelihood for the winter and they should be kept happy and feel good about the place that they live.


  • Illegal drug use of any kind is never acceptable
  • Guests are allowed to consume alcohol moderately, and to smoke at a distance from the lodge house, cabins, or cottage.The caretaker is not to consume alcohol at any time on the premises.
  • Our guests are here for their own purposes.We need to be friendly to them, but not to impose on them in any way, or behave in ways that might make them uncomfortable.In particular, romantic/sexual advances toward guests are not appropriate.
  • Your private bedroom / personal space is yours, but needs to be kept reasonably clean and in order.
  • No pets or other animals are to be kept on the premises.No wild or feral animals are to be fed or otherwise encouraged to be near human habitations.

Interested persons may contact Michael at 703-755-0607, or email acchr@abramscreek.com.