Abram's Creek Retreat & Campground
Eco-Friendly Campground & Lodging
Stream-Front Wilderness Camping, Lodging, Cabin, & Tipi rentals
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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Some Local WV folks
Who helped in Development of Abram's Creek Campground

(and a few locals who just dropped by).

Thanks very much to the local folks who have helped so much to bring Abram's Creek Campground to the point of being ready for business by April 2006. Their continued efforts and presence are very much appreciated.

John Schwinabart with his toys

A big helper in road building in 2005

Ken Snow building stone stairs
to get down to lower campsites
(Heir to Snow's Mountain Top Service Station).

Ken posing for the Abram's Creek
Chippendale's Calendar.
(Copies at Snow's Mountain Top Svc. Station).

Vince and Ken after completing
construction of a signboard / bulletin board

Rob Streets on his ATV

Rob posing by the Roman Bath

Tommy Tranum removing a vine.

Tommy clearing out fallen tree debris.

Tommy with his wife Tes

Tommy taking it easy after a hard days work

Tommy and Tes roasting marshmallows.

Shawn and Berry picking ramps.

B.J. throwing hay from Shawn's truck.

Vince, B.J. and Berry after building benches
at every campsite, tipi, and cabin.

Shawn Aaronhalt posing w/ ramps
(co-heir to the Rt. 50 Cafe fortune)

Mike and Thomas working the trenches.

Mike Moore pausing for photo.

Some hard winter work.

Thomas wishing he was at home.

Neighbor Scott Moore out for a winter ride.

and summer time camping.

Evelyn and son Andrew having fun.
Every WV 4 y/o should have an ATV.

Scott and son Andrew.
How else does a 4 y/o get around?

Eric and Shane Aaronhalt working the fire pits.
Shane -- co-heir to the Rt. 50 Cafe fortune.

I think that I see a rising star chef.
Thanks again for their hard efforts.

Curtis Kelly hard at work inside Tipi #1.

Curtis relaxing after completion.

Curtis with friend Tolken.

Curtis on tour of the Creek.

Joe with friend, recently moved back from Florida.

C.P. and family.

Vince with Dan from 3-Seeds in Davis.

Looking over some sweat lodge stones from AZ.

Aristide from Thomas at the Community bon-fire.

Aristide with Dave the dog.

Aristide at the Rt. 50 cafe with friends.

Aristide leading some drumming.

Thanks again to all of my local WV friends who helped in development of this property and campground and who simply showed up and made it a fun place to be.