Abrams Creek Lodge & Campground

Eco-Friendly Lodging & Camping

Stream-Front Wilderness Campsites, Cabins / Cottage, Tipi rentals & Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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More Campground Photos

at Abrams Creek Campground

A gentle entrance to an 8' deep chasm
(a cloudy Beaver Chasm)

The Big Dipper Pool up close
in the Sky Spirit Knoll area

Some teen-agers in tubing heaven

Friends enjoying some cascade views

Paddling in very shallow water
Walden's Pond (1 foot deep)

and enjoying the sounds
of cascading waters

Sit tranquilly and meditate
(Beaver Chasm area -- a deeper hole)

or enjoy the turbulence and tranquility of
Dream Catcher Falls

A stream crossing, venturing to the other side
(Near road terminus point with stream)

...and cooling off and chilling out
(Beaver Chasm -- deep water ledge visible)

Adventurelinks.net teen camp posing at the
Community Bon-Fire

More of Adventure Links summer camp folks
having a good time

...and the places that Hemlock trees grow
(Near Cabin #2)

The Roman Bath up close
in front of community bon-fire circle

...and some African Rhythms
at the Community Bon-Fire area

A lonely raft
(Walden's Pond -- only about 1 foot deep everywhere)

Campsite #15

Dutch Oven cooking

A happy trio at a great swimhole
(deeper waters)

...and awesome rapids
(Dream Catcher Falls after a few drinks... of rain)

East bound Rt. 50 at the Abram's Creek concrete bridge
Taken in the Fall, 2005

Hemlock Forest Way
taking campers deep into the woods

Beaver chasm viewed after 2 weeks with little rain

...and a view up close of the 7-8 foot deep waters

(Walden's Pond -- only about 1 foot deep everywhere)

Another beautiful stream-side campsite

...and a cool massaging cascade

Resting on a boulder before a long hike
(The Rock of Ages)

...and Sri-Lankan (Ceylonese) coffee time
(The Community Bon-Fire)

Beautiful future campsites (#31)
(In the Buddha's Rest Area near Beaver Chasm)

and beautiful life of every kind
(Anywhere that you choose for it to be)

A view of some rapids
(The Big Dipper Cascade & Pool)

...and "Jake the Dog" with his guide
(Downstream of the Roman Bath)

Fireworks at waterside

...and the light show continues

"The Little Ganges" tributary after rain
(End point of the Skinny Dipper's Glen)

...and close up of the Turkish Bath (stream fork) after rains
(Entry point to Walden's Pond)

Some strong rapids after some rain
(The Roman Bath)

The shallow waters of Walden's Pond
(during Summer 2005 drought)

Big boulders and strong rapids
The mini Great Falls down below Tipi #1

Is this really all mine? (#1)
(Dream Catcher Falls during dryer times)

...oh, what the heck, I'll share with everybody (#2)
(the bigger view)

After some rain,
this little waterfall really grows (#3)

...just look at those powerful massage jets (#4)
(Dream Catcher Falls)

A friendly and colorful newt (or salamander?)

...and a crayfish a bit far from the stream

Dogs and rapids
(The Roman "Dog" Bath)

A winter wonderland

...with the hemlocks covered in snow.

Moss beauty
(Shaman's Glade area)

...and liquid beauty
(The Little Ganges Tributary)

Ferns and more ferns

...and wood fungus on a stump

Mama or Papa Beaver at Beaver Chasm

...and their eating habits (downstream)

Strange life after rain

...and a thriving environment for wood fungus

Lounging around (Snorkeler's Cove)

Dream Catcher Falls

Mother Nature's artwork
(In the Shaman's Glade Area)

A departing view about 1 mile from Abrams Creek
(a high mountain farm, elevation nearly 3,000 ft. above sea level)

...and going down the mountain
(about 4 miles east of Abrams Creek on U.S. Rt. 50)

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