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(1.) Real Estate Opportunities in the Potomac Highlands, WV

(See (2.) Investment Opportunities Below)

(See (3.) Intentional Village Investment Opportunity Below)

Below is a short list of some real estate firms / individuals in WV who specialize in land, vacation, and waterfront / investment properties in the eastern pan handle and Potomac highlands region of WV as well as some Shenandoah Valley.

B.K. Haynes: http://www.bkhaynes.com/  -- great for investment property advice -- wrote book "how to turn $500 into $5,000,000 in rural real estate.

Mike Haywood and Sons: http://www.mikehaywoodgroup.com/ -- the man who sold me the property for Abram's Creek Campground

Highland Trace Realty: http://www.highlandtrace.com/ -- specialize in a lot of Lake Front property at Mt. Storm Lake

Campbell Company Real Estate:  http://www.campbellcolandsales.com/ -- Lots of local land deals / waterfront / vacation properties...

Possible Mt. Storm Lake Retreat location for sale:  http://www.mtstorm.webs.com -- 24.77 acres along Mt. Storm Lake for sale...

A few places that I might suggest considering for investment or for enjoyment or for both include:

(2.) Investment Opportunities at Abram's Creek Campground

Abram's Creek Campground is offering, to the first several people only, a unique investment opportunity that has been requested on several occasions by friends:

Put your own cabin up along Abram's Creek -- you choose the location / campsite and so long as a truck can drop off the ready made cabin from the bed of their large truck, all is well. All cabin locations must be elevated above flood plain. Site choices for cabins first come, first served. We will likely also require a large dump truck full of gravel to create a low moisture and flat foundation area for each cabin upon which to rest.

Financials / Details:
Expect to pay about $5,000 for a 10x24' micro-cabin from www.shawneestructures.com , similar to Cabin #1, which will include:
a 4' front porch area with or without rails
full electric package including circuit panel box, outlets and indoor and porch lighting and outdoor GFI outlets
metal roof and shutters
2 lofts indoors and 6x10' kitchen room in back (optional)
lockable door and functional windows with screens
delivery cost and set up cost
Figure about $1,000 extra for bunk beds, mattresses, table / chairs / storage cabinet / propane burners / pot-pans...

Insulation on walls / floors and roofs is an option that is highly recommended (see upgrade options list below).

If you wish to spend a bit more, check out Pinnacle Park Homes -- these log cabin style mobile homes start in the low $20k range and are fully functional homes, with a few options... very affordable for a real "log cabin" style home dropped off of a truck and ready to hook to water / septic / electric. Not sure where we'd put one, but I like the idea.

Here's the Deal:
You and your friends can use the cabin for free up to 2 weeks /weekends per month (50%) and leave it available at least 50% of the time during any given month (no campground fees charged when you or your friends use it).
When not rented by you or your friends, it will be available for rent in the campground On-Line Reservation System.
You must pre-book the cabin in advance using the campground on-line reservation system to check availability, which is first come, first served, then call or e-mail staff to place a no fee booking whenever and however often you wish (up to 50% of month).
Abram's Creek Campground will handle all rentals, cleaning, maintenance, liability issues (insurance), and upkeep of the cabin in exchange for a 50/50 share of all revenues payable to you quarterly.

After 5 years, Abram's Creek Campground will buy the furnished cabin at a pre-determined depreciated value in cash, at which point the cabin reverts to the sole ownership of the campground. This would be based on a 15 year straight line depreciation of the structure assuming that at the end of 15 years, the cabin has no value... so a $6,000 investment in year 0 would result in 33% (or 1/15 total value per year) in deduction --- so at the end of 5 years, the cabin and bedding... has lost $2,000 for a total depreciated value of $4,000, which is the price that I would pay you at the end of 5 years.

Cabin #1 had a 2nd year return on investment of $2805 in 2007 (purchased for about $5k in 2005). Cabin #2 had a 2nd year return on investment of $2605 in 2007 (on about $4,000 spent on this smaller cabin in 2005). Cabin rentals for 2008 should be considerably higher as the popularity of the campground increases.
Cabin #1 currently rents for $50 per night and $250 per week.

Bottom line is that this cabin will easily pay for itself over 5 years, if not make a considerably profit, all the while, you and your frinds will have a free place to stay at a wonderful stream-front mountain retreat with no fees for 5 years.

Note: The upgrade options that I would elect from www.shawneestructures.com, (camping cabins) include:

1.) Electrical package with small circuit breaker panel box to include overhead pull string lights and indoor outlets (perhaps one GFI outlet outside) and a front porch light.
2.) Perhaps upgrade to metal roof from asphalt shingles -- with an environment so full of mosses/fungi and falling treelimbs, not so sure if shingles will hold up.
3.) T-111 wood siding is standard -- 10 year painted wood -- no need to go vinyl -- it's not as nice looking.
4.) 10x24' size or larger recommended with 2 lofts and walled off back room 6x10'. Separate interior door at your option -- recommend leaving it open (no door) like in cabin #1.
5.) Heavy duty foam insulation at roof, floor and in all walls -- built into building as they are constructing it. R-whatever they recommend.

Give them a call or e-mail them -- they are responsive - Mennonite carpenters based in Bedford, PA -- about 60 miles from the campground.

Note: We will do our best to get electricity to your cabin site. The further the distance from cabin #1 (current entry point of electricity), the more extensive the excavating and cost of electrical wire and conduit for us to run current...

If interested, contact the owner: investing@abramscreek.com

(3.) Abram's Creek Center / Mt Storm Intentional Village partnership:
Goals/Property info starting with the renovation of the old Mountaineer Motel: Intentional Village