Abrams Creek Lodge & Family Campground

A Haunted Campground & Retreat

Stream-Front Wilderness Camping, Cabin / Cottage & Tipi rentals & Bed and Breakfast Lodging
Located off U.S. Rt. 50, 3 miles east of Mt. Storm, WV

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First Annual Abrams Creek Haunted Forest
** Halloween Fright Walk Photo Gallery **

A terrifying walk through a dark haunted forest

Our 2009 Haunted Forest was by all measures a success. Although not well publicized, this first annual event was a trial / warm up for a larger and more well rehearsed event in 2010. We had many volunteers that guided our guests along the haunted forest trail as well as dressed up as ghosts, ghouls, and creatures with skits and gimmicks designed to scare. We had lots of creepy props along the pathway and about 40 tiki torches lighting up the pathway as well as some rope/string lighting along the ground in places to illuminate the way.

Overall, this first year free event went well with groups arriving from Petersburg, Oakland, McHenry, Mt. Storm, Davis and Thomas, Keyser, Cumberland, Elk Garden, and even Romney. We had a roaring bon-fire in the backyard and an open kitchen with $1.00 menu items ranging from hot-chocolate to real hot spiced cidar to lots of homemades sweets and baked goods as well as hot dogs and hot pretzels.

A big special thanks to Tee and Ava for helping to organize and plan so much of the event as well as Marilyn for running the kitchen both nights, and again Ava for baking so much, Kurtis and Kenny for being such great stable ghouls and lots of others who helped out in a variety of ways ranging from haunted forest tour guides to ghouls to fire tenders. Also a big thanks to Wilma for lending us the DJ equipment, masks, some props and some lighting. Thanks to everybody involved -- it was a great first year event. 2010 will be even more extraordinary with the lessons learned and the suggestions recorded as well as the volunteers added to the list for to make next years event really frightening and awesome.

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